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Now in our 12th year of business, LexGroup, LLC has become Connecticut’s Premier Business Broker.

This success is the result of being blessed with quality buyers and sellers and having our clients' complete confidence - confidence they know will never be misplaced.

THREE FACTORS contribute to our ongoing success:

Confidentiality. A hallmark of LexGroup, LLC, and one of the reasons for our well-established credibility, is the absolute confidentiality all our buyers and sellers receive when working with us.

Professionalism. Our ability to understand the heart and soul of the businesses we represent, and our focus on worthwhile businesses only, are important reasons for our having so many satisfied first-time buyers and sellers. Our strength in dealing with bank-worthy sellers and buyers, and our ability to navigate through the myriad of challenges associated with closings, separates LexGroup, LLC, from the rest of the field.

Retail Stores

Experience. In a business where the average duration of a broker is 1½ to 2 years, our 12 years of experience puts us light years ahead of any business broker. Though the process of buying and selling a business is very time consuming, we have been successful in streamlining the process in order to maximize the success of the transactions we broker. Remember, our experience will be an important factor in successfully closing your transaction.

Manufacturing Companies


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