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I have lived in Fairfield County for over 30 years, and have come to know many business owners as well as most CPAs, lawyers and bankers in the area. 

Founding, operating and - after 25 years - selling a 100,000 square feet manufacturing company has given me a solid manufacturing background. Additionally, buying a top producing car dealership, growing it, and later selling it, has given me hands on experience with a retail business.

After those successful ventures, I still wanted to stay active in the business community. That’s when I decided to become an affiliate of BBN, the largest business brokerage network in the US. This provided me with incredible education, and allowed me to form relationships with top participants and professionals in the industry - relationships I still hold and use to help move my inventory of business listings.

These business experiences and relationships, coupled with my accounting expertise and business background, have helped me turn LexGroup, LLC into Connecticut’s Premier Business Broker.

On a personal front, I have been active in coaching little league and soccer through the years. Playing competitive tennis and racquetball continues to be a passion of mine to this day.

Advantages of working with us

One advantage of buying or selling a business with LexGroup, LLC is that our professional relationships with many of the bankers, lawyers and CPAs in the area help to facilitate the successful closing of your transaction.

Another valuable advantage of working with us is that we have built a network of serious buyers - buyers that are prepared to act quickly, decisively and efficiently. This is good for our sellers who need an Exit Strategy for their businesses.

       Why work with LexGroup, LLC ?

We Have:

  • Quality Sellers and Businesses.
  • Buyers available for ALL Types and Sizes of Businesses.
  • Banking Sources for ALL our deals.

Special Note for Business Owners:

Need an "Exit Strategy"

or Thinking of Retirement?

If you own a profitable business and need an exit

strategy, please call me or email me for a

confidential meeting. I will be happy to discuss

your business opportunity.

During our no- pressure, initial meeting,

any and all questions that you may have

about the process of ownership transfer will be

professionally addressed. Please call, email or

complete our Contact Us section. Your inquiry

will be held in the strictest confidence.


John J. Franchini, CPA

President, LexGroup, LLC.

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